Val Sinclair – Cambridge Jazz Singer

VAL SINCLAIR   is well-known in the UK as a professional  vocalist who is at ease with many music genres.

Next performance: Thursday 18 July 2019, Scotsdales, Cambridge.  See news page


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‘Cool Cool Daddy’ – Have a listen to the first track on our album ‘Blackbirds on the Loose’.  We love the piano intro by Pat Brandon which emphasises the album title.

Enjoy!!  You can hear more tracks by clicking on the’ Music Taster links’.  Val

Based near Cambridge, Val Sinclair works with a number of bands  but her own are the ‘Sizzling Jazz and Blues Band’ (playing blues, main-stream jazz  and latin),  and ‘Turquoise‘ which plays an  eclectic mix of music. “It’s hard to anticipate what they might play next, they are so talented and certainly not repetitive. A great mix for concert”.  

Both bands  promise sophistication, fun , and superb musicianship,  all wrapped in a warm and professional package.  Ideal for that very special occasion and well equipped to make concerts a joy for listeners

Your lovely comments

“Thanks for the time during my visit to the UK. I really enjoyed meeting you and so appreciate the talent and power of your voice – you are truly gifted – an inspiration to those of us who aspire. Also please tell Gerry (Prusiewicz) how much I enjoy his playing and approach to the guitar – he is great!” This morning I am listening to your album on a good stereo and it is absolutely wonderful – great production that supports your wonderful voice – think Billie Holiday singing god bless the child. The album has great texture with seamless synergy between you and the musicians – wonderful result!  Mark Warner, Louisiana, USA

(Thank you Mark for your encouraging comments. I loved the jam session we had, for me it was a ‘master class’ in singing the blues, very special indeed and I hope we get to work together  –  Val)

“A gorgeous voice and the Blackbirds album is  “like a delicious box of chocolates” BBC’s Sue Marchant.

Most of us know Val Sinclair as one of that breed of (jazz) singers who can make a venue feel deliciously smoky with her voice of pure, deep velvet…. A superb concert band”  Prof Mike McCarthy

“A fabulous concert in Hereford Cathedral with the marvellous Val Sinclair”.  Press review

“Val Sinclair, you stole the show as always! Wowing the crowd, you sang low down and raunchy one minute (Don’t Mess With My Man), sweet and gentle the next (You’ll Never Be The Sun), and everything in between – the crowd loved you to bits! There’s nobody like you!”

“This woman is so polished, so professional, has a glorious voice and is a joy to work with”  Joe Stringer

“Some vocalists just sing, but some are ‘singers’. Val Sinclair (and Martin Leigh) are “singers” Sam W.