made with the fabulous ‘Turquoise’ players. Thank you for some wonderful reviews for the ‘Blackbirds’ album:

  • “A cracking piece of work, just oozing with talent”.
  • “Gorgeous album”, (and referring to the eclectic mix) “like a delicious box of chocolates” BBC’s Sue Marchant.
  • “A brilliant piece of work”, “fabulous vocals and musicianship”.
  • This morning I am listening to your album on a good stereo and it is absolutely wonderful – great production that supports your wonderful voice – think Billie Holiday singing god bless the child. The album has great texture with seamless synergy between you and the musicians – wonderful result! Mark Warner, Louisiana, USA

“Blackbirds on the Loose” is a great title for this album which sees us ‘stepping out of the box’ and cutting loose from previous styles. It’s an eclectic mix of 14 covered songs and brings our usual line-up of players together with some great guest musicians.

SOLD OUT but listen on the ‘TAKE A LISTEN’ link on the main menu.  We might do a reprint!