Turquoise is based in Cambridge and is a delight! A well rehearsed band of like-minded musicians who want to play a huge range of music. We bring superb musicianship, stunning instrumental solos and vocal harmonies and take pride in rehearsing our material to its absolute best.

The making of our new album – Blackbirds on the Loose – was a great journey and the results show how very eclectic our playing is.

We are ideal for that special concert or celebration where you want a mix of all types of music for every age group, and a sound that won’t have your guests moving to find a ‘quieter place’. We choose from the following instruments and players depending on the type of occasion and size of band required

Piano, Double or Electric Bass and Drums
Saxophone, Flute and Trumpet
Blues Harmonica

Some of the players who have worked with Turquoise

  • Patrick Brandon
  • David Chapman
  • Roger Chinery
  • Geoff Duckworth
  • Martin Leigh
  • Gav Sirisena
  • Chris Smith
  • John Trowsdale

Hear the Turquoise new album – Blackbirds on the Loose