Previously based  in Cambridge, UK, and now living near Shrewsbury, VAL SINCLAIR first  became well known as the resident vocalist for 8 years with the UK’s amazing ‘Galaxy Big Band’.

Now working alongside the best of musicians,  she describes herself as ‘a rather ordinary, home-loving woman, who just needs to sing the blues’.

Her performance is nevertheless extraordinary, revealing a woman with a passion for music,  a huge fun-filled personality and a vocalist who is at ease with many music genres. Colleagues say “she is a very professional musician with a warmth that players and audiences are drawn to – she brings out the very best in everyone”.

She has performed at numerous proms and festivals, worked in every kind of venue, from major theatres and concert halls, to the smallest intimate music room. She performed her own jazz concert in the glorious setting of Hereford Cathedral and  2018 saw her working in the USA with Mark Warner’s band, followed by jazz concert in Switzerland on MS Oscar Wilde.

Although being in high demand from many bands, Val  concentrates on vocally-led work with

MOOD INDIGO (Shropshire based), newly formed since relocating to Shropshire.  Similar in style to the Cambridge ‘Turquoise’ band, it skilfully covers many music genres, with both the musicians and Val putting their own stamp onto everything they play. SHADES OF INDIGO is a smaller version for the more cosy venue!

COOL DADDY SMALL COMBO – primarily blues/jazz but a good mix of other genres

TURQUOISE (Cambridge based) a very stylish all-round band, enabling her to interpret many styles in her own unique way with the fabulous Turquoise  musicians. Their album ‘Blackbirds on the Loose’ is a ‘cracker’.

‘THE PAT BRANDON QUARTET (Devon based) a combination of mainstream jazz, blues and latin, with the best of musicianship expected from a lively and professional improvising band.