Lafayette, Louisiana USA

Very excited to be visiting Louisiana, USA in April 2018 to sing ‘the blues’ with Mark Warner and his band – at last I get to perform in America!! 🎶🎤 

Hot Numbers

I’m looking forward to this Friday (29th), playing at Hot Numbers in Cambridge. I don’t often get to perform in my home town so this is a real treat.  The musicians in my Turquoise band are pretty awesome so everyone is in for a great time. We’re playing a very eclectic mix over two sets, just to keep the audience (and ourselves) guessing!!  😉

Gearing up for France

I’m really excited and looking forward to 6 days singing jazz and blues in France so taking a few days chill-out time before I leave on 12 August.


Thank you Scotsdales audience for another wonderful evening on Thursday 13 July, we loved playing for you.  It was my 11th year of performing this annual event and it’s so encouraging to see you returning year after year.  Thank you also for the generosity you showed when we ‘shook the buckets’ for the Dosoco Foundation. 

And thank you Scotsdales for the amazing hospitality you always give at this event.


We’re ramping up towards the Scotsdale gig tomorrow. The band sounded amazing in rehearsal  last night.